Divorce Mediation

a mindful process…

…by which people can end their marriage or committed relationship, and then receive support in transitioning into a new relationship as co-parents, or, when there are no kids, bring closure to the relationship altogether. It’s a self-directed, voluntarily process, where a mediator serves as a neutral third party to facilitate a series of conversations.

My Intention for You:

My goal is to diffuse the adversarial nature of divorce. I help calm the emotional nature of the event so that you and your partner can access the mindful, creative part of your brain to come up with mutually acceptable agreements. These agreements can include the uncoupling your finances, designing a parenting plan, child support and custody, and other agreements you may which to include in your divorce dissolution. This often turns out to be a positive process that empowers you and your spouse/partner to be the decision makers regarding your future, your finances and your children. You can also gain valuable conflict resolution skills that will support you in your future relationship as co-parents.

You don’t have to agree with someone’s point of view, to come into agreement with the person.

How to Initiate Mediation:

When couples are divorcing, it can be difficult to have a productive conversation. Here are some ways to get your partner talking about mediation:

  • “I want to separate with respect and love so that we can develop our relationship as co-parents for our children. Mediation will allow us to do this if we are willing.”
  • “We are divorcing because we don’t have the same values or the same goals for the future. Though we haven’t been able to resolve our conflicts well in the past, perhaps now we have an opportunity to do this through mediation.”
  • “I don’t want to fight in court, and I don’t want someone else making decisions for me. Please come with me to find out what mediation is all about and how this process can serve us in our divorce.”