Business Formation/Dissolution

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. -Rumi

Though it might sound strange, business partnerships are not very different from marriages.

When you partner with another in business, you’re making a commitment (just like a marriage), you’re sharing values and short/long-term goals (like marriage), and you’re combining/sharing finances (sound like marriage?).

However you look at it, in business partnership, you are creating a relationship. You are creating a dream for something you hope will grow and thrive. Too often, however, business partners do not spend the time early on to build the foundation, the game plan that goes beyond a solid business plan and partnership agreements. It’s not uncommon to hear business partnerships collapsing due to a lack of agreement, not because partners can’t agree, but because they never had the conversation in the first place.

Mediation can be a vital tool in creating the building blocks that will solidify the foundation of your business partnership. What is your relationship to money? To risk? How do you handle conflict? Why are you creating this business? What could get in the way of a successful business if it goes unaddressed? These are some of the areas we cover in business formation discussions. We can then support you in developing your Operating Agreement and work with attorneys and other professionals to “seal the deal.”

And if you find yourself in the position of dissolving a business partnership, we can support you in doing so without litigating. Amicable dissolution means everyone walks away in integrity, with clear agreements and a plan to enforce them, and peaceful resolution.