About Belinda

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. -Rumi
All I ever wanted was to experience deeply loving and intimate relationships.
As a young adult and “20” something, relationship after relationship, determined to do it better than my parents had, I passionately jumped into relationship in hopes of finding deep connection and the feeling of being known by another.
I dreamed of finding my soul mate and living a great adventure.
And while I certainly lived many adventures, I eventually landed among the statistics, finding myself divorced and single-parenting, and questioning my “love-ability” in every sense of the word.
Fearful of repeating my parent’s story, that great love and happiness would elude me, I sought guidance from therapists and coaches, traveled to India and to the depths of my soul, practiced yoga and meditation, and spent months crying, months in solitude, and reading every book that called to me as I learned to embrace my past, and love it.
And in the process of moving into the darkness and embracing it, there came forward a light brighter than I had ever experienced. And I realized that this was the great adventure.
And I became “loveable” in every sense of the word.
No longer fearful of my single status and my complex past, I learned to have a great relationship with myself, which later allowed me to be in authentic relationship with another.
I fell in love, a real, deep, challenging and satisfying love, with myself.
And I started a business to help couples and families move through conflict and challenging life events armed with a greater capacity to be with the dark and welcome the light. I’ve journeyed with hundreds of families through separation, divorce, re-committing in relationship, co-creating, co-parenting, re-partnering and living in blended families, and even experimenting with the possibility of “starting from scratch” in a long-term relationship.
Recently re-married and navigating my way in my great, big, blended family, my life centers around one theme: the possibility of what life could be when I embrace the pain, the conflict, and the transition. Thus the work I do within my own family and with my clients is to discover our inner knowing and experience conflict as opportunity, hardships as lessons, and solitude as a time for reflection.
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I am excellent in helping people through transitions because I love this work. And I love this work because within transitional periods there lies the possibility of great awareness, learning, and healing.