Relationship/ Couples

“If you want to achieve peace in the face of your problems, you must understand why you perceive a particular situation a problem.”

Michael Singer

If you and your spouse/partner have talked seriously about divorce or separation, relationship coaching can help you come through crisis and move into a new phase in your relationship. Relationship coaching is an ongoing, longer-term process for couples who have many trigger points, and who move into fight, flight, or freeze very quickly. You may feel that you have irreconcilable differences, when in reality you may just need some skills to help you navigate conflict.

Get to the Core of Conflict—and Co-create an Intentional Future
Relationship coaching is a present and future-focused conversation. Using mediation techniques, we help you and your partner create a less emotional dialogue. This can help you speak your truth and get to the core of the conflict.
Relationship Coaching for couples
If you and your spouse/partner are on shaky emotional footing, it can be a challenge to muster the courage to ask him or her to meet you at the “coaching table.” Choose a quiet time to start the conversation with one of these gentle openers:
I am committed to you and to making our relationship work. Let’s start focusing on the future rather than the past…”
Let’s stop focusing on the idea of getting divorced, and instead focus on the idea of what it means to be committed…”
I know you’re not interested in therapy, but we can’t get past this without some outside support. Would you be willing to work with a coach?”

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I am excellent in helping people through transitions because I love this work. And I love this work because within transitional periods there lies the possibility of great awareness, learning, and healing.