Does Time Heal All Wounds?

Some years ago, three of my closest relationships ended in a span of two months. I was heartbroken. In my mind, I had committed so much love, time and energy to these relationships and I judged these friends as ungrateful and selfish. I obviously couldn’t know what they were experiencing, even if they shared their […]

Reflections on a “Well-Lived Life”

As summer comes to a close, I feel gratitude for experiences enjoyed with friends and family, locally and in faraway places. Some of these experiences were wonderful, and others shook me to my core and back! And as I reflect on a glorious summer, I contemplate what it means to live a “well-lived life” A […]

The End of a Misguided Love Affair

LOVE AT FIRST SIP I was 30, in Cancun with my first husband, and I felt alive and free. We were in a café and the smell of coffee and sweetness was too hard to resist. It had rarely occurred to me to order coffee in my 20’s, something I associated with adulthood and therefore […]

Wishes Come True

Believing in Relationship Again

2 Marriages and 2 Divorces Later… After two marriages and two divorces, I was reluctant to consider the idea of marriage a third time. That’s an understatement – I remember declaring out loud, “I will never get married again!” I wasn’t even sure any kind of intimate relationship was in my future. Wash, Rinse, Repeat A […]

Are relationships hard

Are Relationships Hard?

Moving from the idea that “relationships are hard” to “relationships are how we learn.” What if our biggest relationship problem was our point of view? How many times have we said “it’s work to be in a relationship” or “I’m glad I dumped him, it was too much work!” The idea of “relationship work” is […]